Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pure Crazyness.

So. Life has been hectic. I can't exactly recap the last month or so verbatim, but I will give ya'll (Ok, I doubt anyone even reads this thing. But I'm okay with that) a brief synopsis.

OK. Spring Break was the last week of February and it was AMAZING. A zillion times better than any spring break EVER! My parents were on vacation the entire week before, and I was pretty proud of myself for surviving without them. Basically because I was so scared the first night I was alone, but then I just got used to it. I even sort of LIKED it. Hah. Who knew? Well, I went up to North Canton for the first time in about 8 months or so, and I got to see Hoover's musical with Kait Gunn and her sister. I was so glad I got to spend time with her and her family, because I adore them and miss them so much. They were such great neighbors and are very good friends. Kait is also my longest friend! We've been friends since 2nd grade. :) Anywho, the next night, a group of us from Campus Crusades left for New Orleans!!!!!

We left at night, so the trip down wasn't too bad. I was really sick with a cold; I basically sounded like I had gone through 8 puberties and became a man. I couldn't sleep in the PACKED van, until I popped some Nyquil caplets and passed out. Getting up 4 hours later for breakfast was 0 fun. Hah. I was sick when we got there, and I had a really high fever. So, I took a shower, took some tylenol PM, and passed out. I was sad to have missed out on the first real New Orleans meal! But, luckily the next morning, still sounding like a man, I was okay enough to go to the work site! It was SUCH an experience. We split up into groups and took on 3 houses.  Each house was in a different stage of development, so it was really neat that we all got to learn different jobs. My house was located in St. Bernard Parish, where we found out the water from Hurricane Katrina had covered 100% of the houses.  That's CRAZY to even being to imagine. Five people worked at my house, including one of my good friends Kait, and it was super fun. Our house leader was totally laid back and basically told us we could do what we wanted...he also said we could take however many breaks we wanted. Probably a bad idea on his part. :) Anywho, the entire week was spent mudding and sanding. I was better at it than I thought I would be, and I took over the bathroom. It was fun to have my own little work space! We had 2 nights off, where we spent downtown! Bourban St. really was exactly how I imagined it: TRASHY. It was SO fun though. We went through all the shops and got to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe on our first night off. The second night off, we had more time and we walked around Bourban St, and through the French Quarter. Unfortunately, all the classy shops were closed, so our only shopping options were the countless tourist stops. That's okay though, I still spent plenty of money and came back with the coolest tshirt. Also, on our second night off, most of our group went to the very first restaurant they saw, but a small number of us decided to keep looking for something unique. I take full credit for the awesome restaurant we ended up finding, with a balcony that was overlooking Bourban Street. It was so awesome. Also, on the last day, our work site managers Will & Kelsey took us to a real Po' Boy restaurant. IT WAS AMAZING. MMm I could go for a po' boy right now.

ANYWHO. I had an amazing time in New Orleans. Our home owner, Kim Jones, was incredible. She was a Christian and it was so awesome to hear her story. I couldn't help but cry when she told us about how her family barely escaped the storm, and how her brother overcame his drug addiction because of the storm. Also, it was such a blessing to be able to hear how she saw God working through all of this, and she remained so optimistic about it all! Being out of your house for 2.5+ years and still having such a great attitude is something I doubt I could do. I loved her, and can't wait to see the finished product! Her family is so excited to be able to move back soon!

Ok. Well, that was my spring break. As soon as I got home, I had my sister's best friend's wedding to go to. It was a lot of fun, and I got to spend time with people that I don't get to see often. It was also fun getting to spend that time with my family.

Well, in other news. I've been having stomach issues (like always) and so Dr. Buchanan referred me to a Gastroenterologist (I can't believe I spelled that right the first time!). Dr. Levin, my gastro, wanted to find out if my stomach pains are related to my surgeries (I guarantee they are), or if it's a separate issue (I hope not!). In the last month, I've had 6 blood tests, an ultrasound, a CAT scan, a duct scan, and a gastric emptying scan.  I have a scope next tuesday, and then back to the doc to get all the results! So basically, that explains why I've missed 4 Religion classes in a row...It's the only class I can afford to miss. I am just hoping after all this, they figure out what the heck is wrong with my insides.

Last weekend I went to Pittsburgh with my family. Kev's show, "Assassins", was SO GOOD. He was the best, of course. But it was honestly the best show I've seen him in. After his show, Kev, Jaym, John, and I went to a party at Kev's best friend's apartment. It was so fun with my sibs! Who knew it would be so fun to party with your family? Hah. Well, if anyone knows my family, they probably would have known how fun it would be. This weekend, I am going to Kent to see my best friend, Wasko! It should be tons of fun! We've been looking forward to it.

Alright. I am outta here!!! I have some nursing homework to do. I have 3 exams next week that are pretty much going to blow chunks all over me.