Thursday, January 20, 2011

A little of everything

So, I'm sitting here watching American Idol with my mom. Now, before you judge me, just know this has always been one of my guilty pleasures, and every single year, I think, "This year, I'm not watching it." And then every year, I end up watching it. Sigh. I will say that over the last few years, it's more that I'm half-watching...especially now that I have important things to do on my Macbook, including, but not limited to, catching up on my celebrity gossip ( and Facebook stalking. All of which are activities I probably shouldn't admit to. Well. Too late for that.

I just read this book called The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters (I won't go into summary details, as there actually were not any true or outstanding adventures in the book), which inspired me to start writing again. It's easy to get too busy or too caught up in life to remember what you love to do on an every day basis. As for me, I like to write and I like to communicate, so I've decided to go on a few conquests: 1. I am writing letters now to some of my friends (whoever wants letters from me, really), 2. Writing in my journal again. I used to write every night, and since last year (since I got really super crazy busy), I haven't written. and 3. Blogging. Basically, I've forgotten how much I love to write, and how I love to just get my feelings out. So here I am, getting my feelings out. And thinking (which I do a lot of).

Ok so, funny story: I just looked up one of the American Idol contestants on Facebook (Putting two of my guilty pleasures in one, imagine that), and we totally had a friend in common. I love small worlds.

Moving right along, I had such a fantastic day today. I had the day off school today (Wednesdays are the best), so I slept in and started the day off with an hour-long conversation with one of my closest and dearest friends. I met an old friend for coffee, and it was so great to see someone from high school and catch up. Then, after Jazzercise (I'll talk about that sometime!), I went with two great friends to dinner. I just love my friends, holy crap. I say this ALL the time, but I really just feel so blessed and like it's impossible for anyone to have better friends than I do. True story.

I am so freaked out about being done with school soon. It's ridiculous to think that in just 4 short months, I will have a Bachelors of Science and Nursing. BSN BABY! I don't know what to think about that, except that I am so super excited for my future. This is my year, and I can't wait to see where I am going to be in a year. I'm planning on moving to New York with one of my best friends, and initially, it just seemed like an idea, but the more time that goes by, the more it seems so real. This is really going to happen. I've been praying about it a lot and just thinking that if it's supposed to happen, it will, and so far, everything seems to be falling into place and pointing in that direction. I'm going to move to New York! Holy crap.

So many people have said "Oh okay, I'll believe it when I see it." when I talk about moving, but you know what? I am the type of person that is determined and I follow through with plans. So guess what doubters? You can shove it, because I'm doin it. When is a better time to relocate than when I am a single, new nurse looking for a good time. Woo!

I went to the Reynoldsburg Senior Center yesterday for clinical, and it was so great. First of all, I just love old people. Second of all, it was so much fun getting to know them, hearing their stories, and being able to tell them about myself, as well. We did an hour-long exercise class with them, and holy crap, they really worked a girl out. Who knew senior citizens (the oldest guy was 93) could do lunges, squats, sit ups, and running in place. Not. Me. It was so stinkin awesome!

Ok I have a whole schpeal (shpeal?) I want to go on about the medical field, which I promise I will, I'm just way too tired to get deep right now (um...that's what he said?).

Well, let me know if you want letters from me. Leave your address in my mailbox. I've already written one, and I have some really really great and cute stationary, so I am looking forward to using it! I can't promise they will have anything interesting written in them, however. That's a complete toss-up. Adios, amigos.