Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Oh yah, I forgot to tell you. I got a new tattoo!
It means "Love" and "Give" in Hebrew. I've been wanting it for a really long time, and I think it's an awesome reminder to give love, and that love is giving. Also, my friend Amanda pointed out that it's love...with my hands (Because of the location).  I just need a constant reminder to try to love the way Christ loves.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Work is a waste.

Picture this: Sitting at a desk with a computer that has no sound...for 12 straight hours. That is what my boss intended for me to do today. Oh sure, I'm supposed to have "supervisor duties" at this here Cap Center...But other than opening/closing, there are not many duties. Let's just say I have found many things to entertain myself while at work.

Let me tell you about my day.

I went to bed last night with every intention of getting up at 6:30am, showering, grabbing my breakfast, etc. with plenty of time to get here. Well, not so much. Although I set 2 alarms (Not even a radio alarm, but that annoying beep that makes you wanna stab your ears out), neither woke me up. Yes, that beeping was going on for over an hour, busting my eardrums out, but I did not hear an ounce of it. So, I wake up at 7:40. Oops? I jump out of bed, brush my teeth, and put on pj pants and a hoody. Then I grabbed some clothes to change into and shower stuff. Even though I knew I was going to be WAY late, I heated up some Chai and made coffee...You are never too late for hot drinks in the morning! Anywho, I got here at 8:10...which is still pretty good, considering it should be a 20 minute drive. *Note: SHOULD BE.*

So, I get here and am still half asleep. I sit at my post for office with a huge window. I get to people watch/creep/stalk people as they walk by. I worked on Spanish. It's the only class I ever have/do homework in, so I feel like I am ALWAYS doing Spanish. Then around 10:30 I changed and walked on the treadmill. I was hoping to shower in the women's locker room, but the away soccer team had it reserved. Well, one of the perks of being a supervisor is a huge set of keys for every door in the building. So when the girls were playing soccer, I snuck into their locker room and showered. The bad part is that I forgot: a towel, face/body wash, and flip flops. I ended up using the nasty hand soap that is conveniently placed beside the showerhead, and to dry off, I sure did use the shirt I wore while working out. Maybe this defeated the purpose of even showering in the first place, but I had no other option. The actual shower started out miserable. It seriously took 5 minutes to heat up, and the Cap Center is FRIGID. So, I stood there curled in a vertical ball until it was roasting hot. That's the way I like it. :) So. Moving right along, I sure did NOT wear shoes in the shower. This would usually gross me out, and it did gross me out, however, the showers get cleaned on the there were no hairballs in the drains. Trust me, I looked first. I'm hoping I don't get Ring Worm or something of that nature. EW.

So. My friends came to play basketball today. My friends = Kirst, Al, and a few others. It seems that they are really my only friends these days, which is fine by me. Anywho, I watched them play basketball after my shower. Poor Kirst got hit smack in the nose with a ball. Ouch. Then, I sat in my little cubby hole and it just happened to be my favorite time of day: When the football & soccer teams walk by. Oh do I love this. I just a good 10 minutes. Trust me, this is the best perk about being a supervisor. Have I ever mentioned how much I love soccer boys? Because I do.

Around 2:45, I decided to leave. Don't worry, I left my keys and phone number with the front desk worker. First, I went to Sonic and got a cherry limeade. Mmm. Then I headed off to Ohio Thrift on Broad, hoping for yellow heels! Well guess what? They had them. They are not bright yellow, but they are still a perfect pair. I also "splurged" on 2 hoodies. By splurge, I mean I spent $7 for two. Isn't it funny how your idea of "cheap" changes so drastically depending on the store? For example, at American Eagle, $60 is expensive. At Forever 21, $25 is expensive. At Ohio Thrift? $3.99 is stretching it. It's 100% true! But I decided on both hoodies because I just could NOT decide.

I came back around 4pm, only after stopping at Family Dollar and buying myself a cute air freshener for my car (Ps. there go the soccer boys...drool.). Since then, I have eaten my third meal for the day, drank a liter of water, caught up on Perez, Facebook stalked, and now I am just waiting for it to be 8:00.

So that is my day so far. I know it's TOTALLY interesting, but it's actually not been as bad as I thought. Maybe that's because I took a little vacation. I am fighting not to fall asleep though, and my body wanting to sleep is winning. I keep closing my eyes for a little longer than the norm. Oh well. I'm the boss.

I am on this diet called the Idiot Proof Diet and it's actually not too bad. You eat 4 times a day, and it gives you over 30 options of food to choose from. Then it makes an 11 day meal for you. It's hard because even though it sounds like 4 times is a lot, you don't eat a ton of I am currently starving. That's okay though, because I have one more meal left for the day and it's going to be amazing.

Well, that's that. I have been too lazy to get up to pee for about an hour, and with a liter of water and a cup of chai in my system, I will be lucky if I even reach the bathroom...

Friday, October 3, 2008


I couldn't help but remember that today was October 2...and be reminded of it all day. Today would have been our two year anniversary. The funny thing is that I am not sad about that, I am extremely happy that I am out of that relationship and so excited about what is to come.  I am so excited to find out the man God has in store for me. I know he will be incredible, and today reminded me that although I thought our relationship was "perfect" (hahahh right), the forever kind of love is worth waiting for.